Tourism should help, not harm communities.

Tourism can bring much-needed economic impact to communities in need, but it can also cause a great deal of harm. With the privilege of access to these communities, comes great responsibility.

ALTO works with some of the biggest names in the tourism sector globally to ensure products are not inadvertently harming children, their families, and communities. We help clients understand the complexities of tourism’s impact on communities, with a special focus on how children are affected.

We use our global network of ethically and socially responsible businesses, NGOs and philanthropists to ensure communities benefit from tourism, and help our clients develop impactful and responsible tourism products and programs that meet consumer demand.


  • Child protection and safeguarding policies
  • Responsible travel strategy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility strategy
  • Philanthropic giving strategy
  • Community engagement strategy
  • Partnership brokerage (scoping, assessment, evaluation)
  • Stakeholder engagement


  • Risk assessment
  • Reputation risk management
  • Internal and external communications


  • Research and analysis
  • Product audits
  • Evaluation framew
  • Community consultation
  • Partner assessment and evaluation
  • Impact evaluations
  • Reporting


  • Child protection and safeguarding
  • Impact assessment
  • Responsible community engagement

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