Our Team

Our consultants are experts in their field, with deep experience, knowledge and global networks. ALTO maintains a global reach, with consultants based in Australia, Cambodia, Sweden, Nepal and the United States.

   Leigh Mathews     Founder & Principal Consultant

Leigh Mathews

Founder & Principal Consultant

Leigh is a highly experienced consultant with over 14 years diverse experience in child rights and child protection, non-profit management, project design and management, social enterprise, and philanthropy, and a strong interest in the intersection between innovation, development, business and philanthropy. Leigh is a recognised expert in the issues of institutionalisation, residential care of children, and voluntourism.

Leigh is the Co-founder of the ReThink Orphanages Network, working to prevent the unnecessary institutionalisation of children overseas by shifting the way Australia engages with overseas aid and development.

Leigh is the recipient of the Victorian Young Australian of the Year Award 2009, the Australian Leadership Award 2009, and the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Award (Human Rights and World Peace) 2009 and is an 2014 alumni of the Asialink Leaders Program delivered by the University of Melbourne.

   Christian Larsson     Associate Consultant

Christian Larsson

Associate Consultant

Christian is a dedicated child protection specialist with over 11 years experience in the assessment, development, and implementation of innovative programs addressing the complex challenges surrounding the alternative care of children, violence against children, and children living outside of family care.

   Soksan Tem     Associate Consultant

Soksan Tem

Associate Consultant

Soksan is an experienced consultant with deep experience in research, monitoring and evaluation in the child protection and child rights sector in Cambodia. A data analysis and management specialist, Soksan works with clients to ensure high quality data collection and synthesis.

   Andrea Costa     Associate Consultant

Andrea Costa

Associate Consultant

Andrea is a passionate education and policy advocacy advisor whose work focuses on the most marginalized and vulnerable children, including refugee, migrant and ethnic minority children in Myanmar and Thailand. 

   Weh Yeoh     Associate Consultant

Weh Yeoh

Associate Consultant

Weh is the founder of OIC Cambodia, an initiative that aims to establish speech therapy as a profession in Cambodia, and the co-founder of WhyDev, a organisation to promote best practice in international development.


   Claire Bennett     Associate Consultant

Claire Bennett

Associate Consultant

Claire is an author, educator and consultant with extensive experience in the fields of development, tourism and education for global citizenship. She is a co-founder of Learning Service, an advocacy group for responsible voluntourism, and co-author of a forthcoming book on the subject.

   Catherine Johnston     Associate Consultant   (joining in August, 2018)

Catherine Johnston

Associate Consultant (joining in August, 2018)

Catherine is a senior education advisor who specialises in early years teaching and learning and continuous teacher professional development in remote, resource scarce, and conflict and post conflict settings in Asia and the Pacific. She is experienced in the field of design and evaluation and undertakes social research on education challenges facing children who face significant marginalisation in the region.

   Jarrett Davis     Associate Consultant

Jarrett Davis

Associate Consultant

Jarrett is a social researcher and consultant specialising in exploitation and violence, and has been working in the South-East Asian region for over eight years. Jarrett's work focuses on the the vulnerabilities of people and groups that are often overlooked in research, policy and social development initiatives.

   Anna Richardson     Associate Consultant

Anna Richardson

Associate Consultant

Anna is a children’s rights specialist, with a strong background in policy, programming, research and social work. Anna works with NGOs and large Government and UN agencies across Europe, Africa, and South East Asia to ensure children and young people are protected.

  Fiona Williams    Associate Consultant  

Fiona Williams

Associate Consultant 

Fiona is a specialist consultant with over 15 years experience in the area of child safeguarding and child protection in the international development sector and the Australian context. She is committed to working with organisations and governments to provide safe environments for all children through policy development, capacity building and systems strengthening. Fiona also has a background in law.