We’re about data-driven, ethical, impact focused philanthropy.

We bring expertise, innovation and impact to philanthropic giving, using our networks, experience and unique approach to help you give ethically, sustainably, and with measurable impact.

ALTO works with philanthropic trusts, foundations, private ancillary funds, high net worth individuals, and their families around the globe, using our collective experience working across all aspects of the philanthropic spectrum to deliver tangible, impactful results.

The 2016 Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances reports that philanthropic giving, remittances, and private capital investment accounts for 84% of the developed world’s economic dealings with developing countries, while international aid only accounts for 16%.

Despite this, the majority of philanthropic giving is not integrated with strategies developed to address the world’s most complex social challenges.

The risk of harm done by philanthropic giving that is not informed by data, evidence and impact evaluation is significant.

We are motivated by the idea that philanthropic giving done well has the capacity to effect real change, at a global level and in the lives of individuals. We believe that when time and resources are invested in crafting customised giving strategies that are measurable, sustainable and innovative, philanthropic giving can be a potent force for good, and leave a lasting legacy.

We use our expertise to craft solutions based on client giving goals, interest areas and desired outcomes, and design customised strategies to achieve these goals. Our process involves extensive research and consultation, and benefits from our vast global network of philanthropists, non-profits, social enterprises and the private sector.

ALTO works with philanthropic entities, corporate foundations, individuals and families providing expertise and insight to guide giving that effects real change.


  • Ethical giving strategy design
  • Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and implementation
  • Mixed giving strategy design (traditional philanthropy, venture philanthropy, impact investing)
  • Development and management of collective giving strategies
  • Partnership brokerage (scoping, research, due diligence)
  • Project design and implementation
  • Leveraging impact on thematic areas (collective giving)
  • Issue / theme familiarisation
  • Child protection mainstreaming
  • Research and analysis


  • Training and seminars
  • Coaching and mentoring


  • Monitoring, evaluation and pre-giving assessments (efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability)
  • Thematic audits (child protection, gender, etc.)
  • Designing and implementing grant-making frameworks
  • Foundation set up, implementation and management
  • Board building and governance
  • Policy development


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