We believe in the power of student travel to be transformative. For everyone involved.

The benefits of overseas travel for students are well known. What is less well known, is that many of the activities undertaken on these trips are only benefiting students, while causing real harm to local communities.

By working closely with schools, communities and the travel sector, we craft customised programs for schools that take into account the needs, objectives and priorities of all stakeholders. Our solutions are designed to blend diverse student voices, school objectives, parent values, and community needs into an enriching, mutually beneficial and impactful program that educates students on issues in the developing world.

We believe that by providing young people with the tools to think critically about issues such as voluntourism, international development and their own motivations for taking part in these activities, we can achieve meaningful change.

ALTO has extensive experience working with the education sector to ensure schools are protecting both their students and the communities they come into contact with while participating in travel and volunteering programs. We can help schools ensure these programs are in the best interests of all children, and are not exploiting local communities.

ALTO supports schools with:

  • Ethical student travel programs

  • School giving strategies

  • Training (ethical service learning)

  • Workshops (student, parent, teacher)

  • Child protection and safeguarding in overseas travel

  • Partnerships with overseas NGOs

  • Compliance

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Navigating the complexities of overseas student service and community engagement can be difficult for educators. ALTO, as part of the ReThink Orphanages Network (Australia), along with members Save the Children Australia and World Challenge  have developed the following resources for schools and universities engaging in overseas student travel. The resources include the following (Scroll down below to access):

  • Curriculum Resources

  • Self Assessment Tool


To support educators in teaching about the complex issue of institutionalisation, voluntourism and orphanage tourism, we have developed a set of curriculum modules aimed at Year 10 students. Please note: these modules are mapped to the Victorian Department of Education & Training's curriculum and therefore may require adaptation for use in other contexts.




A Self Assessment Tool has been developed for schools and universities to undertake due diligence on their service, volunteering and community engagement activities overseas. The Self Assessment Tool is designed to play an essential role in undertaking risk assessment and management for overseas trips and is user friendly, with clear guidance and best practice examples.

Click the image below to view and download.